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Your project should be viewed as an investment in which the goal is to reap great returns.  Whether your project is a resume focusing on a job position, a manuscript for publication, or a biography revealing your true and best self, you are investing in your desires, goals and future success.


Each writing service listed below is based on a flat fee, excluding website content writing and grant writing, and future updates on resumes, curriculum vitae and website content, which are based on an hourly rate.

Resumes - $100 (Any future updates are $25 per hour.)

Curriculum Vitae - $150 (Any future updates are $25 per hour.)

Correspondence - $45

Letters of Intent - $45

Press Releases - $45

Website Content - $40 per hour (Any future updates are $25 per  hour.)    

Grants - $40 per hour (No grant project fee shall exceed 10% of the requested grant.)

Editing Rates


Proofreading - $3 per page

Copy Editing - $5 per page

Content Editing - $7.50 per page



Please note that all writing and editing services based on a flat fee require a 25% down payment.  Website Content writing requires a $100 down payment.  Grant writing requires a $200 down payment.



K&A Freelance will provide you with
a written estimate before a service
​agreement is drawn up.

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